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Birth & Postpartum Services

As a full-service Doula and Postpartum Specialist, I help women and couples feel more empowered, aware of their options and help them to feel safe and supported in their birth journey. Learn more about my doula process below.

Birth Doula

As a doula, I am committed to providing continuous emotional and physical support to my clients during the labor and birth process, as well as being available to you throughout your pregnancy as you need extra support.  During labor, hospital staff or additional support people may come and go, but I am there to provide continuous, uninterrupted care.  I also aim to be a resource for information and education, which helps my clients make informed decisions surrounding all the different options and choices regarding labor and birth.


Birth With Tara

I am confident in my ability to bring a soft and calming presence to the birth space and in helping my clients feel safe, secure and empowered. I will work with your partner in a way that helps them feel engaged, needed and as involved in the birth process as they wish to be. Doulas and Dads make for a great birth support team!


I believe strongly in being a supportive voice to your choices and desires which will help create the birth experience you are wanting.  I’m here to help you and your partner work through your fears and self doubt about giving birth. I will help direct you to evidence based info regarding labor and birth. Studies show that using a doula reduces the rate of cesarean births significantly, also less need for pain medication overall when doula support is given.


Whether it’s your first baby or your 10th, the postpartum period can be a rollercoaster, both emotionally and physically.  I believe this is also a critical time to feel supported and cared for. As a doula, I see this as one of the most important times I can provide support.


Postpartum With Tara

Once you're home and settled I provide one in-home or virtual postpartum visit. I am available via phone also for the first few weeks postpartum if you have questions, concerns or just need extra support. Whether I am your birth Doula or not, I also offer postpartum care at an hourly rate. 

 De-briefing your labor and birth experience with me as your Doula, is not only fun but can be so helpful in the emotional recovery process!  Having positive reflective feelings about your birth experience will empower you to have less anxiety and stress for future births, which will lead to an overall better experience!

My Doula Mission

To empower, support and to be a resource to women throughout the birthing process.

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